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Welcome to my Podcast site. I started Podcasting church of Christ sermons back in 2007 after a long haitus from the Instititional Church. One thing led to the next and I met some very interesting people who changed my perspecitve on what a Church is.

I met Wayne Jacobsen in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2008. Wayne agreed to allow me to Podcast his book "The Naked Church." I'm posting all 21 MP3 files for everyone to download and listen to for free.

The Naked Church by Wayne Jacobsen.

Here is the The Naked Church from Wayne's site

Two more of Wayne's books. So you don't want to go to Church anymore and He Loves Me.

church of Christ Podcasts from 2007-2009

When I returned to church after a twenty year sabatical I met David Chadwell and with David's approval I started Podcasting through his online Sermons. I was having a great time and spent four hours every evening cranking these Podcasts out. I'll share them here for anyone who wants to listen to them.

church of Christ Podcasts.

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Free to be just a Christian

Free to be just a Christian

This was written by a great friend. A brief introduction into Christianity with a twist. We are the Church (Ekklesia) not a building. A very interesting listen.

Online Bibles in multiple languages.


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